Dukkha -nirodha (Eradication of suffering) ariya sacca

Four aspects the Noble Truth of Sufferingin…….

Nissaraṇattha: To come out of all the accumulated impurities (defilements)
Vivekattha: To be free from the habit of developing new impurities
Asaṅkhatattha: To experience for oneself the unborn state where nothing arises
Amatattha: To experience for oneself the deathless state where nothing passes away.

Through the practice of Vipassana one understands clearly that misery arises the moment the mind is defiled with craving or aversion. And when the defilements are removed, misery passes away. As many defilements are removed, that much misery is eliminated. If all the past-accumulated impurities are eradicated and the habit of making new impurities is broken, then misery is totally eradicated— Dukkha-nirodha!!!