One who is pure and supreme is an ārya. ( Visuddho uttamoti ariyo )
One who is far away from the stains of passion, and thus, supremely pure, is an ārya. (Ariyoti kilesehi ārakā ṭhito parisuddho)
One who does not follow the unwholesome way is an ārya. ( Anaye na iriyatiti ariyo)
One who is non-violent towards all beings is an ārya. (Ahiṃsā sabbapāṇānaṃ ariyotiti pavuccati)

One who has attained nibbāna is an ārya. (Ariyaphalapaṭilābhato ariyoti)
One who has crossed the field of *anariyo-putthujjana (*one who is separate from the path of Truth. Those who are far away from the fruit of ārya (nibbāna) are called puthujjana. They are referred “Hino gammo pothujjaniko anariyo anatthasaṃhito”—a non-ārya (anariya) is one who is base, uninitiated (rustic), far away from nibbāna and collects unwholesome states.)   is an ārya……  

Ariyasaccāni- ārya truths (Noble Truths) : those truths that are known to the ārya are ārya truth. (Ariyā imāni paṭivijjhanti tasmā ariyasaccānīti vuccantīti)

And …..Ye ariyasaccāni vibhāvayanti, (Those who have inculcated the Noble Truths),na te bhavaṃ aṭṭhamādiyanti. (such (stream-enterers) will not take the eighth birth).

 In other words, they will attain the full liberation of the state of an arahant within seven lives at most.