While I was going through Vipassana International Newsletter, I came across this

beautiful development at Dhamma Santi, Brazil;

It read as

                                    “Dhamma Santi has spread its wings”

          “In Brazil, Dhamma Santi (“Peace of Dhamma”) has embarked on an expansion plan that will significantly increase the capacity of the center. Located two hours from Rio de Janeiro and four hours from São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, the center was built to accommodate 70 students. In 2003 it opened its doors for 10-day courses. It gave its first 20-day course in 2005 and its first 30-day course in 2009. Currently it is the only center in Latin America that offers 30-day courses.

Nestled in the mountains, Dhamma Santi offers a peaceful, quiet environment for meditation. People who come to the center are mostly from South America but the long courses have attracted meditators from North America, Europe and East Asia. Instruction is offered in English and Portuguese, with recordings available in other languages.”

So I remember reading an article on Vipassana in South America as to how time actually had ripened for the spread of Dhamma in Latin America and it was no easy task.

For many years, Vipassana courses were being held only in United States and Canda but nowhere else on the rest of the American continent. While quite a few students from South America had taken the courses with S.N Goenka in India and many more with him and other assistant teachers in the west but no course had been held in an South American country. When asked, Goenkaji would always respond “Let the time ripen”.

The first course was organized on September 1991 in Panama, but it ended prematurely. However later on those students took full 10 days course and organized 10 day courses.

However, the first full 10 day Vipassana Course was held in Venezuala in March 1994 in which many students from other South American countries had come to sit the course. The successful completion of the course meant that “the time had now ripened”.Now we have a full fledged Dhamma centre “ Dhamma Venuvana”

In October and November of 1994, Vipassana courses were held in Brazil and Argentina and again in Venezuala. In the year 1995, courses were organized in Panama, Chile and Mexico as well as Brazil , Argentina and Venezuala.

The first Vipassana course in Cuba was held in 1996, Bolivia in 1997, Colombia and Peru in 1998, Ecuador in 1999, Uruguay in 2001, Puerto Rico and Paraguay in 2003 and in the Dominican Republic in 2004. In January 2006, the first 10 day course was held in Nicaragua, followed by courses in El Salvador in April and Costa Rica in July. Guatemela was the 19th South American country to spread dhamma. Dhamma Makranada in Mexico came into existence in the fall of 2003 and became the first country to have a full fledged Vipassana centre.

Established Vipassana courses have ongoing courses in Mexico (Dhamma Makranda), Brazil (Dhamma Santi) and Venezuela (Dhamma Venuvana), Argentina (Dhamma Sukhada), Chile (Dhamma Acala) and many non other centre Courses.

I also stumbled upon the post of one of the meditators in Vipassana Dhamma Makranda on facebook where after having 200 members in the vipassana Group, it was wished by him

“Ya somos 200!!! Metta a todos y que sigamos creciendo para tener un México consiente!!!

We are already 200! Metta to all and we continue to grow to have a Mexico consent!”

It is a matter of sheer joy, that when idea of global group sitting on Vipassana radio at,  was shared with the meditators in Latin American countries, they jumped with joy and welcomed it wholeheartedly. Now visitors list shows at least 100 visitors having visited the site and taken the benefit of global meditation.

The words of Goenka ji reverbates in my ears:  

“May Vipassana spread to every land around the world; may all come out of suffering and enjoy real happiness, peace and harmony, May all be happy”