On the eleventh day, Guruji emphasized the importance to maintain the practice, and apply it in day-to-day life.

On completion of Vipassana course, one does not leave alone. But two great friends with whom one makes acquaintance with during one’s course, accompany us and remain with us for the rest of our lives, always ready to help.

Who are those two friends? One friend is one’s own respiration and the other is sensations of one’s own body. More and more, as one becomes established in this technique, these two friends will be there to help throughout the life.

Now how these friends help? Whenever the mind becomes unbalanced with some negativity, one will notice that the breath loses its normality. It will be slightly hard, slightly fast as if it is giving a warning, “Look, something is wrong in the mind!” And then one will try to make the mind more balanced.

The second good guide and friend is one’s own body sensations, physical sensations, which one has experienced about in ten days. Whenever any negativity is generated, one becomes agitated. As soon as any of the defilements generate anger, hatred, illwill, animosity, being a good Vipassana meditator, one will notice there is a burning sensation throughout the body. The heartbeat increases, tensions build up. Misery! “Look, I am making myself miserable!”

Immediately, on observing the sensations, observing the breath, with equanimity, we try to maintain perfect balance of the mind, perfect equilibrium of the mind, and we find that we are coming out of the negativity.  Mind becomes purer and purer, and the law of nature is such that when the mind is pure it becomes full of love, compassion, goodwill, tolerance. These qualities will arise, provided the purity of mind is maintained.

Vipassana is no magic, taking 10 days course will not make one perfect that there will be no more defilements. How is it possible when the old habit patterns are still there, they continue to arise!! But now there is a tool, a technique to help the one to come out of them than allow them to multiply and overpower.

Most of the time, one is engrossed with the ignorance that  one is completely oblivious to what is happening inside and blames the external environment: “Someone has insulted me.” That thought becomes predominant in the mind, and one keeps on thinking, “So and so has insulted me; that’s why I am generating anger.”

Anger is generated anger to retaliate, to take revenge, to harm this person without understanding that one is the victim of that revenge. And yet, out of ignorance, without knowing what is happening at the depth of the mind, one keeps on generating impurity after impurity, defilement after defilement, more and more anger, hatred, jealousy, ego. And the sensations that one gets at that time makes him feel very miserable.

Before learning Vipassana, one used to react in a certain way in a situation. One used to flow with the mind, a slave of the mind taking one wherever it desires. But when now, a similar situation has arisen, ask! “Am I reacting in the same way or has some positive change developed in my behaviour?” Now with self-awareness and self-examination, One is its own master.

Once one is free of these negativities,  mind is pure, full of love, compassion, goodwill. One feels so much peace and harmony. The entire atmosphere  becomes permeated with the vibrations of peace and harmony. Anybody who comes in contact with him, starts to experience peace and harmony.

Now, morning and evening-one must practice every day. Just as when one learns to do any kind of physical exercise but don’t practice it, it won’t be of any help , so this technique, this mental exercise, will not be of help unless one practices regularly. Maintain it and keep progressing on the path. Those who have not experienced this technique,  spare ten days of the life.

Lets find these two invaluable friends and keep them forever!

-Much metta!