The Buddha said:

Sabbo adipito loko,

sabbo loko padhopito;

sabbo pajjalito loko,

sabbo loko pakampito.

(Therigatha 200)

The entire world is in flames,

The entire world is going up in smoke;

The entire world is burning,

The entire world is vibrating.

This is what the Enlightened One realized. He found that the entire physical structure, the entire mental structure, and the combination of the two, is nothing but vibration.

The Buddha discovered the truth of the interrelation and interaction of mind and matter, and how they result in continuous currents, cross-currents, and under- currents. He discovered how mind influences matter, and how matter influences mind.

The Buddha was a super-scientist who rediscovered certain universal truths using his own body and mind as the laboratory instruments. He discovered that, at the actual level, there is no solidity in the entire universe,that all material phenomena are made up of tiny kalapas (sub-atomic particles) that arise and pass away with such great rapidity that they give the appearance of solidity. These kalapas, the basic building blocks of the material universe are nothing but mere vibrations.

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