Home is considered to be the first school of the child. Parents as such teach the child to not to tell a lie, not to kill anybody, not to indulge in wrong activities. A young blossom learns everything by heart and tries to follow them. But ever a parent thought that what goes inside the heart and the mind of the tiny tot when he saw his own parents going against those morals!!

And gradually he starts believing that following the morals has only bookish value and is without any practical application. This is what he learnt from his first teachers that following the morals is one thing and applying them is the another which is contradictory to each other.

Similarly, the teacher in the school teaches his pupil to not to be angry, not to raise voice but in the next moment when the pupil sees the same teacher beating the child, he understands that what teacher told him just before was a mere eye wash.

Now the question arises, what can these poor and helpless Guardians and the Teachers do? It is quite evident that to follow and to act upon the Sila, one must have the mastery over the mind. In today’s discourse, Pujya Guruji gives tips on the happy life for parents and teachers themselves and how they can impart the same to their wards and pupil.

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