The early part of the day  after a relaxing Sunday  features morning chanting of the opening section of the Patthana, the seventh book of the Abhidhamma-pitaka. Patthana is a revered text regarded as the highest expression of the Buddha’s teaching. Going into far greater detail than the Paticca Samuppada, the Patthana examines the twenty four fundamental relations that govern all phenomena.

Other than the scheduled group sittings same as that of the Dhamma Centres, Around 90 minutes of entire programming has been devoted particularly for the Children meditation which includes Anapana instruction Hindi and English  so as to encourage the children to practice Anapana meditation globally.   Dhamma Geet is recited in the morning and evening wherein the form of the poem, children would have the opportunity to take the precepts not to kill, not to steal, not to lie, not to use intoxicants, and to live a life Brahamacharyauntil they get married. Dhamma Story is narrated after  evening children  meditation where in the need for respect and gratitude towards parents, teachers and elders and the value of keeping company with wholesome people is highlighted. Tomorrow, the story of wind deer and Honeyed grass shall be narrated which would show how the righteous king teaches the subjects about the drawbacks of the craving.

In the evening discourse, Guruji will answer the questions of the meditators and non meditators during the course of a public talk.

……..And then there will be 9’o clock metta

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