Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta : (Dhamma- Law, Cakka- Wheel, Ppavattana- Setting in motion, Sutta- Recitation) is the first discourse given by the Buddha after the Enlightenment at the Deer Park, Varanasi to Panch Vaggiya Bhikkus. These five monks namely Kaundinya, along with Bharika (Bhaddiya), Baspa (Wappa), Mahanama and Asvajit (Assaji),  having the ultimate faith in the Buddha prior to the  enlightenment, left their abodes to be with him. With the said sutta, the Enlightened one for the first time refers to the path that avoids two extremes:  worldly sensual pleasures or painful self-mortification. as the Middle Way (majjhimā patipadā) while middle path involves pursuing “Eightfold Noble Path“. Among the five monka, Kaundinya was the first to comprehend the teaching and thus became the first bhikkhu and arahant. Thus the wheel of UNBECOMING, the wheel to set itself free had been started in motion.One of the earliest available discourses, one may find the same in Sammyutta Nikaya SN56:11.  Tomorrow that is Sunday, lets begin our day with this important recitation in the voice of Sh S.N Goenka at 5:30 AM IST with the discourse after dhamma story in the Evening. For more  information, visit  http://www.dhammavani.org