Celebrating the triumph of the creative power of goodness over the destructive force of evil, the Jayamangalgatha  it consists of the eight episodes depicting the Buddha drawing on subjective sources of power in order to triumph over various threatening malevolent forces or Mara. Each verse expresses an act of will born of unshakable faith in the efficacy of spiritual power, which can be tapped for the welfare of oneself and others.

It is a general misconceived notion that  evil, being infectious, spreads easily and therefore prevails in the world, but this fact should not lose the sight that goodness is even more infectious and spreads yet more easily. One evil overpowering another can never be a victory, for evil alone is perpetuated. Goodness, however, not only overpowers evil, but triumphs by sublimating and transmuting it.

Jayamangalagatha enhances the goodness thereby inspiring the meditators to walk on the path of Dhamma, on the path of goodness with Vipassana. Lets soak ourselves in the beautiful stanzas of the recitation with the voice of Sh S.N Goenka taking us to the Day IV of 10 Days courses in the dhamma centers, tomorrow at 5:30 AM on http://www.dhammavani.org