Tomorrow, with the crack of dawn at 5:30 am, we shall have the opportunity to listen to the morning chanting by Rev. Sh S.N Goenka of Rattana Sutta. This sutta is found in Tipitaka ‘s Sutta Nippata (Sn 2.1) Khuddakapatha (Khp7) having seventeen verses in Pali. The Rattana Sutta extols the characterstics of the three Rattana: The Enlightened one(Buddha), the teaching (Dhamma) and the noble community of disciples (Ariya Sangha)

Once upon a time, the city of Vesali was affected by a famine causing death to people. Due to the presence of decaying corpses, evil spirits began to haunt the city. In despair, the town people called up the Buddha for aid. He had Venerable Ananda go through town reciting this discourse leading to the disbursal evil spirits.

It is a protection sutta chanted by Sh. S.N Goenka, on Day II in every 10 day’s course at Dhamma Centers.

Lets relish the three rattana….helping us to walk on the path.