With the early rise of the Sun at 5:30 am on the auspicious day of May 19, 2012 Dhammavani- Vipassana Radio has started broadcasting providing an opportunity to the humanity to walk on the path of dhamma.

DHAMMA= the universal law of nature…..RADIO= the universal means of communication (both discriminate none). Dhammavani is an endeavour to bring 7 billion people together to walk on the path of liberation…..on the path of purification.

Dhamma Broadcast’s first beneficiary; the existing Vipassana meditator.  Beginning the day with Morning chanting and the Doha, it has time slots for Children  meditation twice in a day. The broadcast consisted of instructions at the three group sitting times as at centres i.e. 8.00-9.00am, 2.30-3.30pm and 6.00-7.00pm while Guru ji’s discourse after the evening group sitting aims to help the old students  enrich their pariyatti. The day ends with the metta at 9:00pm.

Much metta