While I was looking in Dhammapada for something to blog today…..it seemed eons since I did so…I fortunately stumbled upon a beautiful sutta- “Kalama Sutta”.

It instantly took me to Dhamma Sindhu, Kutch, Gujarat where I took my 10 days vipassana Course last year September.

While sitting under dome shaped shed near the office, after registration on the zero day, with my eyes wandering around here and there, up and down….I got mesmerised by the murals on the walls inscribed with the said Sutta.

Do not believe in anything (simply)

               Because you have heard it.

     Do not believe in traditions because they

Have been handed down for many generations  

       Do not believe in anything because it is

              Spoken and rumoured by many.

         Do not believe in anything (simply) because

              It is found written in your religious books

       Do not believe anything on the authority

              Of your teachers and elders

              But after observation and analysis

       When you find that anything agrees with reason

And is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all

       Then accept it and live up to it.


[Anguttara Nikaya, Vol. I, 188-193 P.T.S Ed]

In modern times, these words were spoken by Sayaji U ba Khin to our Rev. teacher when the sceptic Goenka shared his doubts and fear with the saintly person.

Images of Rev. SN. Goenka interacting with his esteemed teacher, Sayaji U Ba Khin on his first meeting started rolling before my eyes. my self doubts had started vanishing like the way darkness gets vanished with the rising of the Sun.

If asked to the self, one would know number of times one wavered from practising regularly due to scepticism about the efficacy of the meditation?

Honest answer would be many a times. Many a times the soldiers of Mara take us over on one reason or the other. In such situation, one should always remember the true words of the Buddha and remove the doubts.

So lets take a vow to test the self doubts on the parameters set by the Buddha. Lets taste the ambrosia in the words uttered by  the Buddha. Lets walk on the path of Liberation, the path of purification: fearlessly, doubtlessly, mindfully, ardently and diligently.