Dhammapada Verse 194
Sambahulabhikkhu Vatthu

Sukho buddhanamuppado
sukha saddhammadesana
sukha sanghassa samaggi
samagganam tapo sukho.

Happy is the arising of a Buddha; happy is the exposition of the Ariya Dhamma; happy is the harmony amongst the Samgha; happy is the practice of those in harmony.

The above verses were spoken by The Buddha in following context:

Once, five hundred bhikkhus were discussing the question “What constitutes happiness?” These bhikkhus realized that happiness meant different things to different people. Thus, they said, “To some people to have the riches and glory like that of a king’s is happiness, to some people sensual pleasure is happiness, but to others to have good rice cooked with meat is happiness.” While they were talking, the Buddha came in. After learning the subject of their talk, the Buddha said, “Bhikkhus, all the pleasures you have mentioned do not get you out of the round of rebirths. In this world, these constitute happiness: the arising of a Buddha, the opportunity to hear the Teaching of the Sublime Truth, and the harmony amongst the bhikkhus,”

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