Yes!!! There is nothing higher and more important than LIBERATION….In fact the purpose of life of a human being with a conscious mind is to work for the liberation diligently and ardently.

Having said so, one should neither be discouraged for having not known this before nor should one dismiss the thought as the wishful thinking of the writer. As a matter of the utmost joy and glee, one must be happy to know that liberation can be achieved by any person fulfilling the necessary ingredients and can never be monopolised by one person Gautama, the Buddha.

Taking a pause for a while, one must understand the true meaning in words and spirit and emphasis thereupon the sole word “liberation”. With a quick thought, popular meaning of the word comes as “to set free, as from oppression, confinement or foreign element”. But this meaning of the word is for the worldly affair. When it comes to the field of spirituality, where a person takes a pause to look unto self, the meaning changes completely with a different intention.

 Imagine the plight of a being imprisoned with the chains and ropes in the jail having punished for its ill deeds…where his movement is curtailed, his liberty is chained and he vehemently struggles day and night to set free. Similarly, the act of a human being to set itself free from the infinite long chains of craving, aversion and ignorance is known as liberation.

But liberation isn’t the “big bang” theory. It doesn’t fall from the sky. It doesn’t spring from the earth or water. Its the final leg of multiple process. Comprehensively speaking, it is process driven path leading to the goal of the ultimate freedom where the actor and process becomes One.

It’s a culmination of four rare attainments…four things which are the most rare and extremely difficult to attain: “manusattam, sui, saddha, sanjamammi ya viriyam

Manusattam-  Having been born as a human being…with wisdom.


Sui         – Getting the opportunity to listen to dhamma.


Saddha –        Arising of faith.      


Sanjamammi ya Viriyam-  Practise dhamma diligently with effort.


How lucky we are that:


We were born as human being  that too in the time of Buddha Saassna, where there is ample opportunity available to listen to pure dhamma….. as such faith arises in the true words of Buddha……Now only,  Work is to be done with the right  understanding consistently putting the right effort…..for self liberation…Liberation which is the ultimate goal of the highest attainment and happiness.


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