When someone asked about the necessity of doing a full ten-day course, Goenkaji laughed and said that this is the age of instant products and instant spirituality but it needs continuity of practice to work at the deepest levels of mind.

Another person asked about the importance of meditating together. Goenkaji replied that it was important to meditate alone as well as in a group. Both have their advantages. When one takes a serious long course, solitary meditation is essential but it is great happiness to meditate together with other meditators. “samagganam tapo sukho”

sukho buddhanam uppado sukha saddhammadesana

sukha sanghassa samaggi samagganam tapo sukho

(DhP 194)


Happy is birth of the Awakened Ones. Happy is teaching of the True Dharma.
Happy is unity of the Sangha. Happy is meditation of those in unity.

Commentary:     Some monks were discussing what is the true happiness. Everybody defined the word in different way and so they realized that happiness could mean completely dissimilar things to different people. For some, money and fame were happiness, for some sensual pleasures, for some good food…
    They asked the Buddha what the true happiness really was. He replied them with this verse, saying that only these things constitute real happiness: arising of a Buddha in this world, opportunity to hear the Dharma, unity and harmony amongst monks.

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